“But the revelation of Hateship Loveship is the casting of Kristen Wiig, who effortlessly makes the shift from comedian to straight dramatic actress in a role full of potential ego traps that she never falls into: There’s the temptation to make Johanna into a kind of self-sacrificing martyr, or, on the other end of the seriousness spectrum, to play her late-in-life emotional and sexual blossoming for easy laughs. In one early scene, daydreaming of the man she still believes is falling for her, Johanna makes out at length with her own reflection, smashing her face passionately into the mirror for a full minute or more. It’s a complicated moment, funny, sexy, and sad, requiring the skills of someone who can play both leading lady and clown. As this movie makes clearer than it’s been before, we have an actor like that in Kristen Wiig.” — Dana Stevens [x]

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Title: Kristen Wiig Gets Serious For Alice Munro Adaptation
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Kristen Wiig and Liza Johnson (the director of Hateship Loveship) tell NPR’s David Greene about the film’s restrained style and what they hope viewers will take away from it.

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» Kristen Wiig on Charlie Rose

Make sure to watch Kristen Wiig’s interview on Charlie Rose! She is in the second half of the video.

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Kristen Wiig interviewed on Late Night with Seth Meyers (April 8th, 2014)

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Kristen Wiig attends IFC Films’ ‘Hateship Loveship’ screening hosted by The Cinema Society and Montblanc at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC (April 8th, 2014)

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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)

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» 'Anchorman 2' NSFW Blooper Reel: Watch Steve Carell And Kristen Wiig Lose It | MTV.com

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“I can’t remember the specifics, but I remember she was on SNL, and someone told me that she tweeted something about me, something very sweet, about wanting a lock of my hair—as a joke. So I got an envelope, cut off some of my hair, put it in her dressing room, and probably scared her! Actually, I think she might have said that I creeped her out a little bit.” — Kristen Wiig on giving Katy Perry a lock of her hair (x)